Kirsty has been working as an Art Psychotherapist since graduating with an MA in Art psychotherapy from Roehampton University, London in 2013. Working with both adults and children, Kirsty has worked in a private hospital and in various schools across London and Hertfordshire.

Art Psychotherapy offers Kirstys’ clients a different and creative way in which to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings – combining talking therapy with art making. The process of art making can act as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind. This enables clients to explore aspects of themselves that they may otherwise not yet have discovered. Kirsty guides and holds the process through the careful, empathic relationship she builds with each of her clients. She believes that this strong therapeutic relationship lies at the centre of the work.

Kirsty has experience working with adults and young people who have suffered sexual, emotional and physical abuse both as adults and as children. Kirsty works with the immense trauma suffered by these clients and helps them to build their resilience as well as their ability to move forward from the trauma in which they currently feel stuck.

Along with trauma suffered through abuse, Kirsty has also worked extensively with adults and young people suffering with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems and paranoia as well as many other issues.

Kirsty works with her clients at a pace dictated by them, looking at difficult issues and feelings both past and present in order to help her clients to explore and reach a better understanding of their current circumstances.